Dispel edema The eye causes Myospasm

Myospasm Restorative use of the normal point

Print the corridor: Mid point that two temples are wired

Enhance looks and utilize: Acne, facial loss of motion, temple wrinkle, nerve have a cerebral pain and so forth.

Gather together the bamboo surrender: Sunken place on the edge (as indicated by rubing the sun, gathering together bamboos in area three of eye exercise) inside the eyebrow

Enhance looks and utilize: Facial wrinkle, take a gander at things vaguely, a bit of myospasm, have a cerebral pain, the eyes blepharoptosis,etc.

The male genital is white: Above the blunt student, from the convergence of eyebrow and the crossing point of upper spine and second. Crossing point connected heartbeat with the male genital of few open gallbladders of foot.

Enhance looks and utilize: Forehead wrinkles, upper eyes blepharoptosis and edema, have a cerebral pain and so on.

Fish’s midriff: Mid purpose of the eyebrow

Enhance looks and utilize: Forehead canthus wrinkles, upper eyes blepharoptosis and edema,etc.

The music is vacant: The collapsing China of tip of the forehead.

Enhance looks and utilize: Make eyes brilliant, facial shaking, fish’s tail line, trichiasis, eyelid are shut and does not comply with and so on.

Understudy : Place of a centimeter (by the side of the eyes outside the eye, go about as external reason of the attachment of the eye) outside eyes . Starting point that the few open bladder-like holders of foot passed. The small digestive tract of the sun of hand passes, the intersection point gone with few open gallbladders of foot of few open three warmers of hand.

Enhance looks and utilize: Facial writhing, fish’s tail line. Every day surrender of facial wellbeing care,etc.

Bear and sob: Below the straight to the point understudy, eyeball, and between the lower the convergence of eye attachment and edge.

Enhance looks and utilize: Facial loss of motion, eyes pack, eyes encase wrinkles and so forth..

Four white hollows: When the eyes look straight ahead, play put (or the understudy is left straightforwardly of around two centimeters in the focal point of student, play the depressed place of opening on the attachment of the eye)

Enhance looks and utilize: Eyes sack, wrinkles, one hover of myospasm of eyes wheel close to the eyes,etc..

Meet the fragrant give in: By the external periphery mid purpose of wing of nose, in the nose lip dump

Enhance looks and utilize: A bit of tingle and edema, declare line, skin break out, sebaceous flood ailment and so forth.

Colossal : The understudy is played with the wing of nose level indented put (outside the nose lip discard, on hold in the eye) of base rib specifically

Enhance looks and utilize: The skin is limp, the composition is not even, acne,etc.

Cheek auto: Lie in cheek partition, bring down jaw around 1 even mean (wide center finger) before the corner ,Grip the skin and rise when biting, as per its depressed place.

Make page one: Edema of temple and glabella wrinkle knead law

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